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Welcome to Rauhasalmen kennel pages!  Rauhasalmen kennel is situated on the lakeside area at eastern part of Finland. Nearest town about half an hour drive is Mikkeli. I breed Finnish Hound and sometimes even grey Norwegian Elkhounds. Finnish Hound is a GREAT hunting dog which is also lovely family pet as the temperament is tender. I have bred Hunting Chmpions (Working CH) as well as International and Finnish Champions and World Winner  – our Finnish Hounds are multipurpose hounds with top temperaments and official Health Records. Most of our Hounds are DNA tested, we also check hips & elbows.  If you are looking for a a quality Finnish Hound, please do not hesitate to contact us. We speak english, swedish and also some german.

PUPPIES AVAILABLE – born july 2019!


email: louhintaliikanen@gmail.com